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World-class transformational coach Anush Hovsepyan Gagua is a sought after motivational speaker and trainer.  She is known for turning around teams within organizations and Fortune 500 companies, by helping professionals unlock their potential and reignite that fire within to drive impactful results.  She works with individuals and teams to increase productivity, performance and growth, helping them achieve more with less stress, as they gain a strong sense of purpose, drive and confidence.  

Anush Gagua has trained the leadership/staff  of America’s Allied Health colleges at the 14th National ABHES conference, the San Diego Wyndham Sales & Marketing Leadership Teams,  Business Owners at Los-Angeles Chamber of Commerce, as well as many non-profit organizations.

Anush Gagua is a former CNN World Reporter and PR Executive with 15+ years of experience in the field. Now an Executive Coach to leaders and high-performing teams within Fortune 500 companies.

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